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The promise of a sustainable future

Veroniki Holding strongly believes in renewable energy such as that produced through the action of water. For this reason, strategically, it is investing in Hydro Power Plants.

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Hydroelectric energy

Hydroelectric energy is the first renewable source used on our planet and constitutes 18% of the electricity produced worldwide.


The path that water takes from its source to its mouth transforms its potential energy gradually into kinetic energy. Taking advantage of the differences in height (whether artificial or natural) and conveying the water in special turbines, electricity is generated.

The Energy of Water

Through the newly established company Veroniki Water Power, it has recently acquired six so-called mini-hydroelectric plants with a total installed power of 4.000 kW and a yearly production over 20.000 MWh.


All the power plants are located in the Italia mountains from north to south.

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